Denise Armour

Denise Armour

Wednesday, 04 November 2020 07:02

Garden Tours

Garden Travel Tours
Explore Great Gardens Around the World

Garden ToursIf you are a true garden lover join our small group garden tours and go behind the scenes to explore both public and private gardens, architecture and more!

Combine your passion for travel, gardens, landscaping, horticulture, architecture and history while you immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of the most breathtaking gardens.

Garden tours are the perfect way to experience the beauty, diversity and seasonal variety of gardens in destinations around the world. They also offer unique opportunities to learn how gardens reflect local cultures.

Our tours are relaxed, effortless, friendly, inspiring and great fun.

Contact Us for more information.

Wednesday, 04 November 2020 09:48

Faith Based Travel

Faith Based Travel
Experience a Religious-Themed Vacation

Faith Based TravelWould you like to participate in Religious or Faith-Based Travel?
Faith Based Travel is for those looking to travel to a sacred destination for a spiritual purpose or for a group of faith based travelers looking to vacation together.

We have travel experts that can help you either get involved in a group already traveling - or we can help you create a custom group of your own.

Visit the world's most awe-inspiring spiritual places, explore the roots of your faith, walk in the footsteps of your spiritual leaders, and have your most cherished beliefs come to life. Try an Award-winning faith based river cruise to experience each destination with guided sightseeing, engaging port lectures, VIP access into key destinations, no waiting in lines and great cultural immersion and storytelling thanks to highly skilled Cruise and Tour Directors.Pilgrimmage

Have you considered using a faith based travel vacation as a fundraising opportunity?
Viking Travel offers top quality Faith-Based Travel Vacations to more than 65 countries, with a great variety of religious travel packages at various price levels and for any size group.

Tell one of our Faith Based Travel Planners what you envision as your religious travel experience and we'll help you create the perfect itinerary.

Contact Liz Wolak or Marge Santo or Richard Haymaker.

Wednesday, 04 November 2020 09:34

Grand Haven Community

Grand Haven
Travel with others from Grand Haven

Grand HavenThe Grand Haven Community travels together!
Do you want to travel with friends & neighbors from Grand Haven?

Marge Santo, one of our most trusted and experienced travel specialists is a resident of Grand Haven. She organizes, plans and escorts customized travel experiences that enable Grand Haven Residents to enjoy each others' company - while traveling together.

These special travel opportunities not only open up a world of wonderful experiences, but also encourage and foster many friendships that are so important to a fulfilling life. The trips for the Grand Haven folks are designed to deliver a quality experience that exceeds your expectations! We are confident that you will enjoy yourself as you travel with your friends at Grand Haven.

In addition to planning the trips, Marge and the Group Travel Division of Viking host Meet and Greet Travel Preview Events at The Grand Haven Lodge. These gatherings offer residents the chance to get together in a social atmosphere; free from pressure, to learn about the great travel opportunities in the works. Each event is carefully planned to give you the information necessary to decide if it's a travel experience you want to take part in.
Did You Know__________________________________________________________________
Did You Know - Grand Haven Residents' Receive Travel Discounts?
Residents may receive discounts on trips.
NOTE: The discounts may not be shown on the itineraries & brochures!
Always check with Marge when it comes to the pricing for any travel opportunities you see on our website!

Watch your Grand Haven Newsletter for our Ads! 

Contact Marge.

Wednesday, 04 November 2020 09:22

Carillon Communities

Carillon Communities
Want to Travel with your Community?

AdThe Carillon Stonegate Community and The Carillon Club of Naperville has teamed up with Viking Travel to offer group travel opportunities for both Carillon communities.

Plus - Whether you want to travel with just your loved ones or travel with friends in the community - working with Viking means having your own private travel agency -- with your own agent!

Cynthia Erickson, (a certified Cruise and Travel Specialist), along with other staff members, have a strong passion for creating new travel experiences for every traveler. Cindy handles the Carillon Stonegate Travelers and we have a team of other travel professionals who assist her with the Carillon Naperville Community.

Viking Travel and Cindy are ready to help you with your personal travel.

Contact Cindy.

Wednesday, 04 November 2020 12:17

Art Lovers

Art Lovers Travel
Group travel opportunities for Art Lovers

Art Lover worldTake a trip and indulge your interest in art. It will give you something different to talk about when you return. Get lost in a sprawling museum, chat up gallery owners or blow up your Instagram with street-art snaps.

Whether you want to gallery-hop, see a blockbuster exhibit by an internationally known artist or want to visit a little-known institution with an exciting collection, we've got group travel adventures designed for Art Lover's.

Our knowledge of activities, hotels, cuisine, guides, entertainment and other resources allows us to put together an experience which meets your budget while exceeding your expectations.

Join us as we provide engaging art experiences for groups of any size.

Contact – Judy Keslik or Call: 630-321-1664 or 800-233-3963
Ask about our next Art Lovers Travel Experience!

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 22:34

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